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Japan Work Visa: Types, Requirements, and Advice




Consider embarking on a new experience in Japan, a country known for its diverse culture and limitless prospects. Possessing a work visa could be the key to a successful voyage. Japan is actively inviting people from all over the world to join its workforce due to its ageing population and rising demand for foreign skills.




We’ll bring you through the simple and approachable 2023 Japan work visa application procedure in this guide, along with job prospects for visa sponsorship.






Japan: why? the demand for foreign labour



The ageing population of Japan, which is renowned for its technical innovations and beautiful landscapes, is creating a demographic dilemma. By 2025, Japan intends to hire some 500,000 foreign workers as a response to this. This offers a fantastic chance for anyone who want to experience life in this unusual nation.






Japanese Work Visa Types



Japanese work visas fall into one of two categories, each with its unique specifics:





1. High Skilled Professional Visa



  • Professional with High Skill (i) (a)/(b)/(c):designed for people working on highly specialised technological projects or conducting advanced academic research.For five years only.


  • Particularly Skilled Professional:needs a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, as well as professional experience.


  • Professional Foreigner with High Skill:for those with expert knowledge and expertise.






2. Working Visa for Japan


Many foreign workers are eligible for this common work visa, which doesn’t require any prior job experience. For one, three, or five years, it may be issued.







Jobs That Qualify for a Japanese Work Visa


A variety of professions are eligible for working visas in Japan, including but not limited to:



  • Professors


  • Artists


  • English Teacher


  • Armed forces personnel


  • Engineer


  • Service personnel


  • IT specialist


  • Translator


  • Banker


  • School Teacher


  • English is spoken


  • Mechanics


  • Electrical


  • Religion-related actions


  • Journalists


  • Business executives


  • Accounting and legal services


  • Medical assistance


  • Researchers


  • Instructors


  • Humanities and international services experts


  • Intra-company movers


  • Nursing assistance


  • Expert labour


  • Specific professionals


  • Training for technical interns








Step-by-Step Application Process


  • 1. Obtain a COE, or Certificate of Eligibility


  • Obtain an employment offer from a Japanese corporation.


  • Your employer should get the appropriate paperwork for your COE application.



  • 2 . Visit the Embassy to apply for a Japan Work Visa.


  • Locate the closest embassy, consulate, or permanent mission of Japan.


  • assemble the necessary paperwork, which includes your passport, the visa application form, a photo, your COE, your employment offer letter, and your academic records.



  • 3. Processing and Submission


  • submit the necessary paperwork for your visa application.


  • You should receive a response in 5–6 working days.


  • Payable upon approval, visa charges range from about 3000 JPY for a single entry to 6000 JPY for multiple entries.






Japan jobs that sponsor visas


In Japan, there are lots of career options that sponsor visas. The following websites can help you get your job hunt started:












Suitable Links Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Website for Immigration in Japan:









The application process for a work visa to Japan in 2023 offers a convenient approach to visit this amazing nation and offer your skills to its workers. You have the option of starting a new chapter in your career with the availability of jobs that sponsor visas in a variety of industries. Take advantage of the chance and start planning your trip to Japan today!


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