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Job Seeker in Australia (Visa Process, Requirements)




Australia is one of the most well-liked nations in

terms of quality of life, natural surroundings, and settlement. There are numerous EU nations that grant work visas.



I do want to draw attention to Australia Job Seeker Visa 2023 possibilities that let you travel without having a job offer, though. Have you ever considered the possibility that Australia would provide visas without a job offer? Australia’s economy is booming, yet every nation encounters challenges. They are now experiencing a labour shortage.





I’ll include all of the job seeker visas available for Australia, along with who may apply, the visa’s cost, and application conditions. You must submit your application online, and I will warn you that it will take time and effort.


There are numerous opportunities for foreign workers in Australia. Nurses are needed in Australia; for job opportunities, .Below are some details regarding the Australia Job Seeker Visa.





The Complete Guide to Australia Visa Job Seeker


Sadly, the Australia Job Seeker Visa does not have a fixed term.


However, Australia does provide a number of different forms of work visas that allow you to visit the country without having a job offer. Many people visit Australia in search of employment.


Here, the term “Job Seeker Visa” will be used.








Australia Job Seeker Visas List


  1. Graduate visa for the skilled (subclass 476)
  2. Independent Skilled Visa (Subclass 189)





1 : Graduate Visa for Australia, Subclass 476 (No Job Required)



This visa enables those who have recently graduated or who are in their first year of employment to apply. A job offer from Australia, previous work experience, financial support, housing, or any other need are not necessary for this visa.



The most well-known work visa for Australia is this one. The decision-making process for your visa might take anywhere between 5 months and a year, which is a significant amount of time.





The 476 Work Visa for Australia (Job Seeker Visa): Important Information



  • Type of Visa: Subclass 476 Work Visa



  • Who May Apply: Holders of a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, Diploma, or Higher Degree



  • IELTS: Yes, six bands, or a minimum score of 50 on the PTE


  • No prior work experience necessary


  • Job offer necessary: Not Necessary


  • Up to 18 months of stay


  • Visa Fee: AUD 425


  • Age: Under 31


  • Good grades in secondary, junior high, and university are required for selection.



2: Independent Skilled Visa (Subclass 189)


This point-based system enables immigrants to work and reside permanently in Australia. Your profession must be listed on the applicable skilled occupation list.


Links: Click Here









Australia’s Plan for Immigration to Draw Foreign Workers


The planned level for the 2023–24 permanent Migration Programme would be set at 190,000 spaces, the Australian Government said on May 9, 2023.

This will make a significant contribution to addressing the skilled labour shortage. persons who are “working age” should receive more attention. It increases labour force size and participation rates.






Australia’s Job Boards


Job Search in Australia whether you are inside of Australia or not. This is Australia’s One and Only Large Job Portal, which a lot of foreigners use.

Australia SEEK


Australia’s Workforce for Individuals










In conclusion, moving to Australia and searching for Good Job Opportunities is suitable with the Australia Job Seeker Visa 2023.









Questions and Answers:



Does Australia issue work visas?

Yes. The Subclass Australia 476 Work Visa is available for application.





What IELTS score is required for a 476 visa?


A minimum of 5 bands for each of the 4 components, with a minimum overall score of 6 bands.





Can I apply for a work visa to Australia without having a job offer?


Here is a list of Australian work visas available without job offers:


Independent Skilled Visa (Subclass 189)


Regional skilled visa (subclass 887)


Graduate student visa (subclass 485), temporary


Graduate visa for the skilled (subclass 476)

Regional visa for skilled workers (provisional) (subclass 489)

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