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New Zealand Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

New Zealand
January 26, 2024
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New Zealand recruitment/staffing agencies have announced jobs for foreigners with work visa sponsorship.


As the world becomes more interconnected, many people’s dreams of working overseas have become a reality. New Zealand, recognised for its gorgeous scenery and booming economy, has become a popular destination for international job seekers. This trend continues, with several New Zealand recruitment companies actively advertising employment openings for overseas workers, including work visa sponsorship.


The Allure of New Zealand.

Why New Zealand? It’s simple: a booming economy, competitive wages, and a welcoming attitude towards qualified international labour. The country’s progressive immigration policies attract experts from all around the world.



Role of Recruitment Agencies for Hiring International Workers in New Zealand

Navigating the employment market in a new nation can be challenging. This is when recruiting firms come into play. They not only connect job seekers and businesses, but they also help to drive New Zealand’s economic growth. With 82% of New Zealand firms struggling to locate talented employees, these agencies are more important than ever.



What Can You Expect From New Zealand Recruitment Agencies?

These agencies assist international applicants throughout the job-searching process, from application to settling into your new position in New Zealand. They provide crucial advice with immigration-related questions, particularly regarding work visas.


How Much Do New Zealand Recruitment Agencies Charge?

According to New Zealand’s Employment Rules, international candidates are not paid for job placement. Typically, the employer pays all fees, including visa and relocation expenses.


Top 8 Recruitment Agencies Now Hiring in New Zealand

The following recruitment organisations specialise in hiring skill-shortage workers in New Zealand:


1# Beyond Recruitment

Sectors include customer service, human resources, engineering, construction, technology, accounting, sales, and operations.

Services provide comprehensive immigration support for work visas.


2. CC Recruitment (CCR)

Agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, transportation, healthcare, and education are some of the sectors.

Services: A 7-step recruitment process that includes application, screening, interviewing, and settlement assistance.


3# JTLP Administration and Recruitment.

Dairy farming, horticulture, hospitality, industry, trades, nursing, engineering, culinary arts, finance, office support, and so on.

Services include work visa support and a whole job application to settlement process.


4# Expert360:

Focus on talented professionals from diverse industries.


5# Recruit New Zealand:

Provides a comprehensive variety of recruitment services, including migrant recruitment.


6# Madison Morgan:

Recruits for a variety of roles in New Zealand.


7# Hayes specialises:

information technology, engineering, and finance.

Chandler MacIntyre focuses on the healthcare, engineering, and information technology sectors.




How Can International Job Seekers Find Work Using These Agencies?


General Process


  • Register with the agency. Create a profile and include your résumé and related papers.
  • Browse Job Listings: Look for positions that match your abilities and expertise.
  • Request assistance with resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation.
  • Job Submissions: Agencies forward your application to prospective companies.
  • Interview Facilitation: Organise interviews and collect comments.
  • Job Offer and Visa Assistance: Advice on negotiations and visa-related procedures.


To apply for a New Zealand work visa, follow the guidelines provided upon accepting the employment offer.



For anyone wishing to start a career in New Zealand, these recruiting companies provide access to a plethora of chances. In 2024, the path to a fulfilling job in New Zealand will be more accessible than ever before thanks to their complete support and experience. Remember to investigate and select the agency that best fits your job goals and provides transparent and fair services. The future is bright for international job seekers in New Zealand.