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January 15, 2024
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Canada’s great healthcare system and strong economy make it appealing to expats from all over the world. With the right research, you will be able to uncover a variety of career possibilities in Canada that match your talents and requirements.


Because of its robust labour market, international nationals and expatriates can find a wide range of career options in Canada. Many of these positions are well-paying but demand highly specialised abilities.


If the Great White North is on your radar, we’ve produced a list of the best expat jobs in Canada that pay well above minimum wage for job searchers.



Jobs in Healthcare for International Citizens in Canada

Canada’s population is ageing, and as the country ages, more healthcare employment become available.

If you have medical background, there are several job opportunities accessible across Canada. And we’re not only talking about doctors and nurses; among the most popular occupations are:


Cardiology Technicians

You must be a member of the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists to work as a cardiology technician in Canada. To become a member, you must first pass a certification exam. As a member, you will have access to a variety of positions in the healthcare and social assistance industries.


Therapists of Respiratory Care

With the ageing population, respiratory therapists at both the entry and senior levels are in high demand. Many of the openings are in sleep clinics and specialist clinics.



Audiologists are required to diagnose and assess patients suffering from hearing loss and other problems. Audiology jobs can be found in both the public and private sectors, ranging from hospitals to rehab centres.


Technicians in Medical Laboratories

If research is your passion, you can find positions in medical laboratories in both the public and private sectors. These technicians are needed in a number of contexts, including colleges, biotech firms, and small clinics.



Jobs in Technology and IT for International Citizens in Canada

Digital nomads with experience in technology and software can find work almost anywhere in the world. And Canada is no different. Popular positions in Canada that require experienced digital professionals include:


Software Developers

With software engineering experience, you can find work in almost any firm or field. You can find work with a bank, a hospital, or a technology firm, so how you use (or build) your experience is entirely up to you.


Project Managers in Information Technology

If working for a tech start-up seems appealing, consider moving to Vancouver or Toronto. Both cities are known for great tech performance, in part because money is easier to get by in these locations than in many other areas around the world.




Expat Engineering Jobs in Canada

As engineers reach retirement age, opportunities for young engineers to enter the sector arise.

Foreigners in Canada who have engineering work experience should be able to find work as:



Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are among the top occupations on the list of “Eligible Federal Skilled Worker Occupations.” EngineersCanada’s website has more information on licencing and obtaining work.


Engineer in Geology

Geological engineers can find work in a range of fields, including geography, forestry, and mining. As global environmental problems rise, this is a career path that may become even more significant in the future.


Engineer in Petroleum

The job of a petroleum engineer varies greatly depending on whether you work with electricity or natural gas. As long as people require power, there will be opportunities in both the public and commercial sectors for those with the necessary experience and skills.


Engineer in the Aerospace Industry

If you can design an aeroplane that is safe, effective, and ecologically friendly, Canada could be the place for you. The Canadian aviation sector is predicted to expand as older planes become obsolete and must be replaced.




Jobs in Business Management in Canada

Many Canadian businesses are prospering, which means they are constantly looking for competent professionals to join their team. If you have professional business expertise, you should look for work as a:



Analyst for Business

You should be able to get work as a business analyst if you have abilities in finance and technology. You may assist firms in streamlining their procedures and operating as efficiently as possible. And if you’re just starting out, you may earn one of the greatest entry-level incomes in Canada as a business analyst.




For international workers in Canada, the financial services business offers excellent opportunities. It makes no difference whether a company sells a product or a service; every company need someone to keep the books. And, fortunately for foreigners in Canada, numbers are universal. It’s one of those careers where abilities simply transfer from one industry to the next.



Business Adviser

Consultants are employed to add a degree of knowledge to teams as Canadian businesses compete with corporations from across the world. You can obtain consultancy job if you have several years of experience and a business degree. If you have another full-time job, consulting allows you to undertake extra work on the side.



Other Work Opportunities in Canada for Expatriates

Canada’s manufacturing industry is also thriving, and competent personnel are required to fill a wide range of job positions. To be successful in Canada, you need not need a background in healthcare, commerce, or science. In fact, many Canadian businesses are looking for:



Drivers of trucks

Truck drivers are in great demand, in part because a big proportion of current truck drivers are approaching retirement age. It’s difficult job, but if you don’t mind being on the road for days on end, it’s a chance to work autonomously.



Electricians in the Industrial Sector

As the manufacturing industry expands, so will the demand for industrial electricians. In Canada, there is a significant scarcity of competent electricians. They require a wide range of people to conduct specialised trades, not just electricians.




Welders, like electricians, are in high demand. Whether you start from nothing or have years of expertise, the need for welders in Canada shows no signs of abating.



Finding Job in Canada

In Canada, there are numerous fantastic work prospects for skilled expats. From healthcare to technology, Canadian firms are expanding and seeking top people.



Top Canadian Job Search Websites


  • Workopolis –Workopolis is Canada’s leading career site, providing the most recent positions from Top Canadian firms. Let’s get started!


  • JobBoom -Jobboom is the largest job-search listing website in Quebec. Jobboom can help you find your dream job. Thousands of job opportunities in 16 industries.


  • Indeed -The most popular job portal in Canada. Millions of jobs are available from thousands of job boards, newspapers, ads, and company websites.


  • Eluta -Every day, thousands of new opportunities are posted in Canada on the official job search engine of the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project.




Just keep in mind that different jurisdictions have varying salary rates, employment needs, and work permit regulations. Furthermore, in provinces such as Quebec (the location of Montreal), you may be needed to speak French.

So, before you begin your job hunt, narrow down the areas where you can best apply your expertise.

Many of the highest-paying technology employment, for example, are in big cities such as Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, and Vancouver. However, jobs such as truck drivers and welders have a robust labour market practically anyplace in Canada.