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Civil Engineering Technician Visa Sponsorship USA

Philadelphia, PA, United States
January 4, 2024
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$24 - $33 / hour

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About the Company


Join our team. Make the World Better.


We’re making the world a better place at AECOM. Our work helps people and towns thrive by making it easier to get to work, keeping the lights on, giving people access to clean water, and changing the look of skylines. We are the most trusted infrastructure consulting company in the world. We work with our clients to solve the world’s toughest problems and leave lasting legacies.


AECOM has never been a better place to work. Our skills are in high demand because infrastructure investments around the world are speeding up. Join a global team of almost 50,000 planners, designers, engineers, scientists, digital innovators, programme and construction managers, and other professionals working on projects that make a real difference in the world. Bring your big ideas and dreams with you.

We’re one global team whose goal is to make the world a better place. Come with us.




Job Overview

AECOM is looking for a highly driven Civil Engineering Technician to work part-time in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office in a well-established Rail Engineering Department that works with freight and transit clients from across the country and around the world.


You will get experience in your field by learning on the job and taking advantage of development chances like professional networking, using AECOM’s social media tools, and being a part of group mentoring.


This is a big job and a great chance for a professional who is driven, career-minded, and works well with others but can also do their own thing. People who are enthusiastic, ready to take on new tasks, and willing to take on personal responsibilities are the best fit for this job. The engineering company AECOM is very forward-thinking and successful. It takes pride in hiring and keeping good employees so that it can always meet client expectations on big projects.




Among the duties of this job are the following, but not only those:


  • Do jobs that need you to use standards, procedures, and criteria to complete engineering tasks.


  • The purpose of assignments is to help students improve their judgement and knowledge of their professional and moral duties.


  • Use your judgement only when creating the details of the work when making initial choices and changes to engineering options.


  • Do calculations linked to engineering and make drawings and other visual aids.


  • Watch over your work with a project lead or a more senior team member.


  • Using what you know about the principles and practices of civil engineering in the transportation planning projects you are given.


  • Getting work done for a project manager or senior engineer by doing things like making engineering-related calculations, drawings, and other visual tools.


  • Helping to keep project paperwork up to date.


  • Make accurate, high-quality plans that help the contractor understand the design idea.





Minimum Requirements:


  • High school diploma plus two years of experience in the field, or proof that experience and/or schooling are equivalent.




Preferred Skills and Experience:


  • Going to school to get a degree in civil engineering with a focus on transportation engineering.


  • AECOM internship training that was useful in the past.


  • FE stands for Fundamentals of Engineering and EIT stands for Engineer-in-Training.


  • Strong speaking skills, both in writing and in person.


  • Pay attention to details and stay organised.


  • Able to use basic office software, spreadsheets, and word processors.


  • Ready to go on trips.


  • Know how to deal with freight or transit train customers.


  • It’s best if you have worked in trains before.




Some extra information


  • We want to hire anyone who is skilled and can work in the United States. Current holders of an F1 visa in the United States can get help getting a new one.


  • There is no help with moving offered for this position.


  • This job is only part-time.


  • The offered rate of pay (only in Pennsylvania) will depend on the person’s schooling, qualifications, experience, and where they work. The pay range for this job is $24 to $33 per hour.


  • AECOM is happy to offer a wide range of benefits to meet the needs of all of our employees. Some of the benefits you might get from AECOM are medical, dental, vision, life, AD&D, disability, paid time off, leaves of absence, perks, U.S. and global well-being programmes, employee assistance programmes, business travel insurance, service awards, a retirement savings plan, and an employee stock purchase plan.




More on AECOM


AECOM is the most trusted infrastructure consulting company in the world. They offer professional services at all stages of a project, from planning and engineering to programme and construction management. For projects in transportation, housing, water, new energy, and the environment, our clients in the public and private sectors trust us to find the best solutions. Our teams are all working towards the same goal: to make the world a better place by using our unmatched technical and digital skills, promoting a culture of fairness, diversity, and inclusion, and staying true to our environmental, social, and governance goals. As of fiscal year 2022, AECOM’s Professional Services business brought in $13.1 billion, making the company a Fortune 500 company. Visit and follow @AECOM to learn more about how we are leaving lasting memories for future generations.


Freedom to Grow in a World Full of Chances

If you can do hybrid work, you will have the freedom to do your best job.You will be working in a dynamic setting that values your honesty, drive, and willingness to be the first to do things, whether you’re in an AECOM office, a remote location, or a client site.

Because of your work, we will be able to create a safe and respectful place of work where everyone feels welcome to bring their whole selves to work and use their unique skills, backgrounds, and knowledge to make a huge difference for our clients.

AECOM offers many different types of pay and benefits to meet the needs of all of our workers and their families. We also have a strong programme for world well-being. It’s safe to say that the world trusts us as a global infrastructure company. Your growth and success are also ours.

If you join our team, you’ll get all the perks of working for a global, publicly traded company, such as access to cutting-edge technology and ideas, the chance to do work that changes things for the better, and the freedom to set your own hours.We hire everyone, regardless of their background, because we believe in their potential and will help you reach yours.

Following EEO rules, all of your information will be kept secret.