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Burnaby, VC
January 14, 2024
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Job Description


Job Description


Using lessons learned, develops project definitions, timetables, budgets, and objectives. Prepares detailed work statements with corresponding work breakdown structures and obtains permission and concurrence from internal and external stakeholders on various project issues. Assesses potential project risks and proposes risk-mitigation strategies. Ensures that company and project management policies, processes, and practices are followed. Manages project expenses and is accountable for profitability. Determines, assesses, and communicates residual risk (in terms of time and cost).


With the assistance of internal billing support, creates and reviews timely customer billings. Responsible for ensuring timely customer payment and pursuing payment on outstanding client invoices. Reviews and approves subcontractor/vendor invoices to ensure that outside resources are paid on time. Conducts ongoing project progress reviews. Monitors project risks on an ongoing basis; detects potential issues and suggests and implements risk mitigation strategies; escalates as necessary. Change management protocols are used to manage project change; appropriate alterations or other paths are determined based on performance and metrics.

Manages modifications to the project’s requirements and timeline in collaboration with team members and internal and external stakeholders. Ensures that safety managers examine the project scope and that safety measures are implemented properly. Responds to audit remedial actions indicated by external or internal audits in a timely manner.

Plans and executes work that necessitates autonomous judgement in the appraisal, selection, and application of standard engineering or building techniques, procedures, and criteria.

Drafters/designers, engineers, craft workers, other project team members, contractors, or subcontractors receive instruction. Develops and implements project resource plans, as well as controls project staffing. Determines and coordinates project staffing, including identifying outside resources (subs/vendors) and ensuring procurement processes are followed. Project deadlines, assignments, and objectives are clearly communicated to project team members.

Assigns work and directs project staff in terms of timeliness and completion of project objectives. Coaches project personnel and offers feedback on project performance to staff and project staff’s supervisors; escalates any performance issues to appropriate management and human resources. Develops, manages, and maintains good client relationships. As a result of superior planning and organisational abilities, ensures customer satisfaction by providing quality, on-time project deliverables; manages client expectations.

Through superior project execution and client connections, identifies chances for change orders and repeat business. Collaborates with sales leaders to evaluate prospective new work and assists with scoping and price. Other responsibilities may be allocated.



Minimum Requirements

Bachelor of Science. 13 years of experience in a comparable field. Certification in PMP (PMI), CCM, or DBIA is necessary (within 12 months of hire or elevation to the Approved Project Manager list). It is possible that domestic and/or foreign travel will be required. The frequency of travel is determined by the position’s unique duties, responsibilities, and key activities, which may change depending on workload and project needs. In lieu of a degree, equivalent additional closely related experience will be considered.


Amount of Travel Required



Information on Background Checks and Drug Testing


CDM Smith Inc. and its divisions and subsidiaries (collectively referred to as “CDM Smith”) reserve the right to conduct criminal, employment, education, licensure, and other background investigations, as well as credit and motor vehicle checks, for specific positions. CDM Smith may also perform drug testing for specific roles.


In the United States, background checks are performed after an offer of employment has been made. The timing of background checks on candidates for positions outside the United States will vary according on foreign statutory law, but the background check will never come before an interview.


Before requesting a criminal background check, CDM Smith will conduct interviews with qualified candidates, and no job application submitted prior to such interview will inquire into an applicant’s criminal history. If this position is subject to a background check for any convictions relevant to its responsibilities and requirements, employment will be based on the successful completion of a background investigation, which may include a criminal history.

A candidate’s criminal history does not automatically disqualify them. Furthermore, individuals may be required by CDM Smith or a CDM Smith customer to successfully complete further background checks, such as a motor vehicle record check and drug testing, while on the job.



Disclaimer of Agency

To obtain paid for your placement, all vendors must have a signed CDM Smith Placement Agreement from the CDM Smith Recruitment Centre Manager. Any other member of the CDM Smith staff’s verbal or written agreements will not be deemed binding terms. All unsolicited resumes provided to CDM Smith, as well as any resume submitted to any employee other than the CDM Smith Recruiting Centre Team (RCT), will be deemed CDM Smith property. CDM Smith is not obligated to pay a placement fee.


Pay Scale Minimum

  • $149,360.90

Maximum Salary

  • $268,834.80

Business Division

  • NAU


  • WNG

Category of Work

  • Fulltime-Regular

Employment Situation

  • Regular

Visa sponsorship is possible.

  • Yes