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United State of America
October 24, 2023
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Are you a talented engineer searching for chances in the United States? For those who are excited about making a significant contribution to cutting-edge engineering projects, Wismilak provides Engineering Jobs with sponsorship for a visa. At Wismilak, your job as an engineer is crucial in creating, developing, and executing creative engineering solutions that influence communities and industries. Here is a summary of the position:








  • Work together with cross-functional teams to establish project specifications and create engineering solutions that satisfy both business and technical goals.


  • Create and carry out engineering plans while making sure that deadlines and quality requirements are met.


  • Conduct tests, simulations, and engineering analyses to verify and improve design concepts.


  • To produce intricate drawings, schematics, and prototypes, use engineering software and tools.


  • Engage in design reviews by contributing your knowledge and ideas for ongoing development.


  • Analyse the costs and viability of the projects and solutions that are suggested.


  • Collaborate with contractors, suppliers, and vendors to find supplies and parts for projects.


  • Junior engineers and team members should receive technical advice and coaching.


  • Keep up with the latest developments in technology, engineering best practises, and industry trends.








  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant subject, such as Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc., or Engineering.


  • a track record of accomplished engineering projects and solid engineering experience.


  • competence with engineering tools and software related to your area of expertise.


  • strong problem-solving abilities as well as the capacity for both analytical and creative thought.


  • Strong interpersonal abilities and the capacity to work well in a variety of team environments.


  • strong project management abilities, including the capacity to oversee several projects at once.


  • knowledge of the safety requirements and legal requirements that apply to engineering projects.


  • initiative to keep abreast of the most recent developments in technology and engineering.








Questions & Answers:


1. Does Wismilak sponsor these engineering roles for visas?

Yes, Wismilak is dedicated to sponsoring visas so that eligible individuals can work lawfully in the United States.



2. In which industries is Wismilak active?

Wismilak works in many different areas, such as manufacturing, infrastructure, building, and more.



3. Does Wismilak offer chances for professional advancement?

Indeed, Wismilak provides opportunities for job advancement and values professional development.




4. What perks does Wismilak offer its staff members?

Professional development programmes, extensive benefit packages, competitive pay, and a positive work atmosphere are all provided by Wismilak.




5. How can I submit an application for these engineering jobs?

Candidates that are interested may apply via the Wismilak careers website. Don’t forget to provide a customised cover letter and your most recent resume.








With interesting engineering jobs that sponsor visas, Wismilak encourages talented and driven engineers to join its team in the USA. We invite you to apply if you share our love for engineering, technology, and innovation and would like to work on worthwhile projects. Together, we can use technical excellence to build a better future.