Registered Nurse Visa Sponsorship USA

Silvis, Illinois, United States
August 6, 2023
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$47 / hour

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Title of Position: RN



Department: Telemedicine and Surgery



Available to Eligible Applicants: Visa Sponsorship





There are options for many shifts, part-time and full-time employment, and weekend packages!






Providing and directing safe, efficient, and culturally competent care for patients from adolescents to ageing adults who have medical requirements is the purpose of this position. Key responsibilities include adherence to the Professional Practise Standards as established by the ANA, active participation in quality monitoring and performance improvement initiatives, assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation of care using critical thinking and evidence-based practise.





Contact: Manager






Direction: The position includes some supervisory responsibility for allocating, scheduling, or organising work. Employees oversee the calibre of the job and offer advice, direction, training, and training to others. The employee leads groups or takes on an informal “assistant supervisory” or “lead” role, even though the position does not call for formal or official supervisory responsibilities. The employee might also be asked to offer advice or information on issues relating to human resources.




Limited Material Responsibilities: The work only requires minimal material resource accountability. Supplies, machinery, inventory, minor budgets, and other tangible assets of a similar nature could serve as examples of resources. A small amount of control over these resources is given to the employee. Errors can only cause a certain amount of harm, waste, or financial loss. The issues relating to material resources are not complicated. Despite possible variations in resource volume, managing these resources is not difficult.




Significant Relationships: Patients, Families, and Significant Others; Coworkers/Health System Employees; Outside Agencies/Other Health Care Providers; Members of the General Public/Visitors/Volunteers; Physicians/Medical Office Staff; Students/Interns/Residents/Outside Instructors; Physicians/Medical Office Staff











Associate’s degree in education

Study Subject: Nursing

Specialised training includes ACLS within nine months, BLS, and ECG monitoring.

Nursing baccalaureate degree preferred for training

License/Registration: Registered Nurse in Illinois, and within a year, Registered Nurse in Iowa.

No prior experience is necessary.

Interpersonal Skills: People from both inside and outside the organisation are interacted with. Communications are sensitive and of considerable difficulty. Contact with others may entail in-depth discussions and protracted information exchanges. need some interpersonal skills, but not too much. Dealing with stressful scenarios or relatively complicated problem situations occurs during interactions.

Physical Demands: Extremely Hard: Physical labour is a primary requirement of the position. The exerted forces are the same as lifting more than fifty pounds. Physical endurance and stamina are absolutely essential. On-the-job physical stress levels are really high. It wears one out severely and necessitates rest intervals. Work may involve a variety of body positions, considerable muscular control, and very delicate dexterity. The position occasionally exceeds these extremely high intensity needs 10 to 35% of the time.

Working Conditions: Extremely hazardous environmental conditions, such as physical dangers, health and safety threats, and other unfavourable aspects of the environment, are routinely exposed to. Personal dangers need the use of safety gear or stringent safety procedures. The percentage of the workday that the employee may be exposed to these conditions is 70% or less.

Potential Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Yes