Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Poland ( Application Process )

December 16, 2023
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Poland’s skill shortage in a variety of areas opens the door to international talent , with attractive work visa alternatives for in-demand professions. This article digs into the dynamic Polish job market, identifying important areas of opportunity and assisting job seekers in obtaining a work visa in Poland.


Do you make less than PLN 6130 (US$1460) per month? If this is the case, Poland’s growing employment market in 2024 offers a promising path to career advancement and greater incomes. Poland is an appealing destination for job seekers globally, with a low unemployment rate of 5.82% and an average monthly pay of 6,130 PLN. The country’s booming economy has resulted in an increase of millionaires (Fact check), indicating plentiful career prospects in a variety of industries.




Details of the Polish Work VISA Sponsorship


Poland prioritises its own labour, yet due to skill shortages in several industries, possibilities for overseas skilled workers abound. Obtaining a Polish Work VISA, on the other hand, is a requirement for employment. It can be difficult to navigate this process, but with the correct skills and qualifications, you have a high chance of landing a fulfilling career in Poland with a legal work and residence permit.



VISA for Work in Poland



  • Type C/E Work Permit for Poland: For employees of international businesses doing business in Poland.


  • NOMAD Freelance Visa: Due to Poland’s low living and operational costs, this visa is ideal for freelancers.



Applying for a Work Visa in Poland


Your Polish employer will often handle your Poland visa application, but you will need to provide essential documents and potentially pay application fees.




List of New High-Demand Jobs in Poland


Poland is now experiencing labour shortages in a variety of occupations, including:


  • Chefs
  • Drivers
  • Finishers in construction
  • Handyman
  • Welders
  • Nurses and midwives
  • Auditors of Financial Statements
  • Doctors
  • Agricultural Employees
  • General Construction Labour
  • Turners
  • Fitters
  • Porters
  • Psychologists
  • Operators of Forklifts
  • Engineers


If you have these talents or experience, your chances of obtaining a Polish work visa grow dramatically.




Finding Employment in Poland as an International Student



  • Networking: Polish connections can bring crucial leads.


  • Recruitment Agencies: Specialised agencies can help with job placement and visa applications.



Poland’s labour market offers a wide range of chances for skilled international workers. You can embark on a lucrative career adventure in Poland with the necessary qualifications and a desire to handle the immigration process, profiting from its attractive salaries and low unemployment rate. Poland could be your next employment destination if you work in construction, healthcare, or as a freelancer.