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Nashville, TN
December 4, 2023
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At HNTB, you can make communities that matter to all of us while also making a career that matters to you. We have helped with some of the biggest and most difficult building projects in the country for more than one hundred years. It’s an exciting time to join our team of employee-owners as we reach a new level of growth.


As part of this chance, you will be in charge of leading and managing a team that will help the project run smoothly and profitably. The person in this role is in charge of the project’s technical budget (which includes direct labour and expenses, as well as technical sub-consultants), schedule, technical requirements, contractual obligations, project communications, and HNTB’s 4 for 4 performance (which means delivering quality work on time, on budget, and to the client’s satisfaction on every project). In charge of making <$5M in sales.





What You’re Going to Do:


  • Does technical jobs like research, writing reports, designing, writing specifications, and making plans to make sure that projects are carried out in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


  • manages the project’s goals, schedule, and cash. As the main point of contact with the client, makes sure that the schedule, budget, and scope of work are followed and that the customer is happy.


  • HNTB’s Sophisticated Delivery Approach (SDA) is used on each project to carry out the company’s project delivery plan.


  • Creates the project’s scope and fee estimate and helps put together bids and contracts.


  • Oversees the job of the project team and makes sure it is done correctly. oversees and guides the team to meet the general project goals.


  • is in charge of hiring people for projects across departments, offices, and divisions.


  • Does other tasks as they are given.





Things you’ll need:


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field


  • 8 years of work in the field


  • Instead of schooling, 12 years of training in the field




What You Need to Bring:


  • Excellent technical understanding and high-quality work in projects across many fields.


  • Sets priorities for tasks and takes responsibility for completing projects on time, on budget, and within the scope of the project.


  • Shows they can see beyond the current job and guesses the risks and outcomes of their actions.


  • Knows and supports the goals that are needed to complete a project successfully, keeping in mind that project growth is affected by many fields.


  • Uses a body of knowledge to come up with new ways to make projects run more smoothly.


  • Fine-tuned technical skills help find issues, come up with good solutions, and make smart choices. Knows which tools to employ for successful project results and successful resolutions.




What We Prefer:


  • Working as a transport designer for TDOT


  • Master of Science in Engineering


  • 10 years of work in the field


  • Depending on the field, a professional engineer (PE) or an American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)




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Type of Job: Regular

Full Time vs. Part Time: Full time

Type of Job: Programme Management Group

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