Full Time Permanent

Registered Nurse Visa Sponsorship USA

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Davenport, IA
$31 - $47 per hour

Job Description







Job Title: RN.

The Surgical Specialty Unit is the department.

Visa sponsorship is available to people who qualify.

You can choose from different shifts, part-time or full-time work, and weekend packages!




The person in this position is responsible for making sure that people from teens to older adults with health problems get safe, effective, and culturally-sensitive care. As part of their duties, they must use critical thinking and evidence-based practise to assess, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate care. They must also follow the ANA’s Professional Practise Standards and take part in quality monitoring and performance improvement activities.



Report to: Manager


Direction: As a supervisor, you are responsible for making schedules, assigning work, and organising it. Employees look over the quality of work and give others advice, instructions, training, and direction. The person who does the job is not officially in charge of supervising anyone, but they do lead the group or play a “helper supervisory” or “lead” role informally. In addition, the worker may be asked to give knowledge or ideas about human resources issues.


Materials Responsibility: Limited: The work only needs limited responsibility for resources used for materials. Supplies, tools, inventories, small budgets, and other similar things that can be used as assets are examples of resources. The worker doesn’t have full power over these resources. Also, mistakes don’t cost much in terms of damage, waste, or money lost. The problems that come up with material means are not hard to solve. Different resources may have different amounts, but working with these resources is not hard at all.


Key Relationships: Coworkers/Health System Employees, Outside Agencies/Other Health Care Providers, Patients, Families, Significant Others, and Members of the Public/Visitors/Volunteers; Physicians/Medical Office Staff; Students/Interns; Residents/Outside Instructors; and Physicians/Medical Office Staff.




Education: A degree in associate’s

Nursing is the field of study.

Basic life support training is separate.

Bachelor’s degree in nursing is preferred.

Certified Nursing Assistant in Iowa; will be certified as a nursing assistant in Illinois within one year.

Experience: You don’t need any experience.



Interpersonal Skills: You will be interacting with different people inside and outside of work. The level of difficulty and sensitivity of communications is modest. When you contact someone, you might have long, thorough conversations and share a lot of information. It takes a modest amount of people skills. Dealing with fairly difficult problem situations or stressful encounters is part of interactions.


Working Conditions: The person is regularly exposed to very bad environmental conditions, such as physical dangers, health and safety risks, and other things that aren’t useful in the environment. When there are personal risks, it’s important to use safety gear and take extra care. The employee can only be in these settings for 70% or less of the work day on average.

Pathogens that are spread through blood: Yes